Be in complete control over identities and their access.
Automate processes that hold you back.

Full open-source
IGA Suite

MidPoint has been the core component of our IAM solutions for many years. Evolveum put extensive effort into evolving midPoint from an IDM tool to a powerful Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) tool that was recognized by Gartner.

Inalogy, as a Silver partner of Evolveum, takes full advantage of midPoint capabilities to deliver the best possible solution to our customers according to their needs. MidPoint is developed as open-source, which gives us the flexibility to adapt or customize it to meet all kinds of requirements and processes within our customers’ organizations.

To deliver complex IAM solutions, we combine two key components. MidPoint, as an IGA part, and Keycloak as an access management layer. We have developed strong integration between both layers to provide the customers with unique, robust solution ready to face all the challenging requirements, processes, or infrastructure conditions.

By utilizing non-commercial tools, our solution provides tremendous added value, and we can also provide operational and product support to keep your organization safe over time.

cloud solution

INALOGY partnered up with Okta to provide superb all-in-one identity management that includes IdM and Access management for customers, workforce, and partners. With Okta, it is easy in one place to manage access to applications, infrastructure, and even APIs either in Cloud or On-Prem environments.

Okta delivers a top-noch user experience for users and administrators. With over Okta Integration Network with over 6500 connectors, it significantly drops time to production.

Main benefits of midPoint & Okta

Robust & scalable IdM system
A full-fledged IdM system is mainly deployed on-premise, but cloud is not an obstacle tho

Trully versatile
We are able to implement unimaginable use cases

No licence fees
Save money on licenses for good

Popular in academic
Manages millions of identities for tens of Universities around the world

Whole infrastructure covered by Okta

Full stack of features
Includes IdM for the workforce or customers together with access management

Superfast deployment
Run your business safely just in several weeks with more than 6500 available connectors

User friendly administration
Configuration is low-code to no-code

Identity management solutions
mainly adresses below listed use cases,
and many more.


Ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data and applications.



When employees join an organization, Identity management helps automate this process of providing access to various systems, applications, and resources


Control what resources and data users can access, based on their role, group, or other factors.


When employees leave an organization, Identity management automatically revokes their access to systems, applications, and resources, ensuring they no longer have access to sensitive data.

User Provisioning

Automate the process of provisioning user accounts, saving time and improving security.

User Self-Service

Identity management allows users to perform these tasks as resetting passwords or updating their personal information by themselves, which reduces the workload on IT staff and improves user satisfaction.

Password Management

Manage passwords and ensure that users use strong passwords that comply with organizational policies.


Third-Party Access

Organizations often need to provide partners and customers access to systems and resources. Identity management can help manage these external users, ensuring they have the appropriate access levels and can collaborate securely with the organization.

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